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Real estate tokenization is based on the method of blockchain technology and this is the conversion of the property into digital tokens. These tokens are issued through the blockchain, these digital tokens are given to the investors and they change into fundraising here the assets or property split into tokens or shares.
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Blockchain in real estate tokenization:
Real estate tokenization creates a new way to securitize real assets with high data protection and secure transactions. In tokenization, the assets are divided into shares or a token it becomes very simple and easily visualized. Real estate tokenization is user-friendly because it has less maintenance. In the future it becomes a simple land registry with efficient property management, improving its accessibility while ensuring affordability.
Commercial real estate tokenization:
In clarisco CRE (Commercial Real Estate Tokenization) this is the process where the asset values are divided into shares and they can be sold to the investors here the blockchain-based tokens are often called security tokens it brings more efficiency and security. The advancement of CRE makes it attractive for tokenization.
Residential real estate tokenization:
Here the ownership of residential real estate is tokenizing for the asset owners, developers, and also for the investors, in your projects, it sustainably brings more liquidity.
Land Registry:
In this land registry management blockchain has a conformational impact that makes it easier to connect the administrations of the public, share the information with the private stakeholders, and also share the data.
Home Automation Services:
Based on the technologies of smart contract and shared transactions ledger by using coupling method it's so simple to automate the provision of service both in the automation of context and management of occupancy.
Real Estate Challenges:
1.Property Assurance
2.Intermediaries Involvement
Property Assurance:
Challenges that arise in real estate tokenization are property assurance. Here the buyer has no absolute knowledge about the property they wish to buy.
Intermediaries Involvement:
In these blockchain real estate tokenization methods the intermediaries play a vital role between the buyer and sellers. Here the intermediaries convey the wrong information to the buyer and also to the seller regarding the property details.
Benefits of real estate tokenization:
1.There are no intermediaries
2.Data are highly secured
3.Secure transaction
4.Management is simplified
5.Simple land registry