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Clarisco, the foremost NFT(Non-Fungible Token) marketplace development company to design and develop. NFT exhibits unique collectibles, creatives, and promotes individual assets.
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Non Fungible Token Services

NFT Marketplace Development Services:
Make your own NFT marketplace with your innovative ideas and provide a platform for your users to trade crypto collectibles.
Clarisco provides a decentralised protocol to Mint, buy, sell and bid Collectibles on Marketplace, Which allows the owner of the application to get a percentage (For Example 1%) as commission on each process. All the process is decentralised on the blockchain that you prefer to deploy.
Clarisco also provides white label NFT Marketplace with customizable design, features and functionality.
NFT- In a different Manner:
“NFT Marketplace”
“NFT- Is a Piece of Art”
  • Digital Collectibles
  • Games
  • Music
1.Digital Collectibles in NFT Marketplace:
Make your own NFT marketplace to display arts by minting it and trade by using coins you preferred to earn. The marketplace suits all the possible digital assets to get minted. For Example you can mint all the possible assets of different formats image files, text files, Video files etc based on your preference and ideas for your marketplace.
NFT games are such a wonderful thing, multiple domains are used in this NFT marketplace where the gaming has an important impact and it attracts the specific user to enter this gaming wonderland. Here the gaming weapons, costumes, and characters are ultimate. You can design and mint your own weapons, wearables, names, parcels and estates for the gaming. Just upload the Source Zip and mint - Your design is now a NFT, It can be used in the gaming platform and also can be listed on sales or open for bid.
“Music is an art”
In this music NFT marketplace, it is easy to find musicians all over the world and here you can sell the original music with instruments. To get the rhythm and hold your favorite song and put it on the playlist. This music marketplace has all the possible music formats available for mint and trade on the marketplace.
Features in NFT marketplace:
One Click Login:
Users can click and login in one go with a wallet on Extensions as well as mobile wallets in case of mobile browsers.
Innovative Incentives:
The NFT marketplace is innovative and incentives here improve the performance of any marketplace.
The entire NFT marketplace is fully decentralized with Blockchain technology and IPFS, it is dependent on its processing.
Free Monetization:
There is an elimination of third parties and this is the main advantage to work and executing a monetization.
Currency Support:
This NFT marketplace accepts all the Crypto currencies and support 30+ wallets in the market.
Marketplace Clone Development:
This development process refers to recreating the existing system to improve the user's experience of the NFT Marketplace domain.
We have Clone Scripts for the following markets.Contact us to get one launched in an hour.
  • Raible Clone Script
  • Opensea Clone Script
  • Decentraland Clone Script
  • Foundation Clone Script
  • Axie Infinity Clone Script
1.Rarible Clone Script:
Built the Rarible NFT marketplace to carry out to buy, bid, and sell digital assets. This NFT marketplace allows digital artists. here it represents the ownership of their digital work.
2.Opensea Clone Script:
This is the Peer-to-peer marketplace secured by a blockchain, it's a very effective clone. Anyone can buy or sell the contract item. Build this clone from scratch and it avails the users.
3.Decentraland Clone Script:
The decentraland NFT marketplace allows the users to have ownership over the virtual residence. You can easily buy land, tokens, and avatars in this decentraland.
4. Axie Infinity Clone Script:
Axie infinity clone script Consists of labs, Marketplace, Terrarium, lobby, activities that shows the transactions of NFT’s and Breeds status. Users can purchase and take part in the war game. Users can also redeem the coins and get breeds.
NFT Marketplace Development:
This platform executes and displays the collectibles which include art, games, Fashion, music. Etc.
This is a dedicated platform to showcase and display your skills through the platform and trade them.
This platform is used to make a different trump card and each card has a unique value.
This gaming galaxy holds the ownership of your favorite games and also those accessories.
Art is a unique platform that is exclusive and showcases their skills.
ERC 721 is described as the NFT or tokens. This is a free and open standard; it contributes uniqueness and this is a kind of collectible. This may have different values. Here the dapp has a converter that has a token ID it sets as an INPUT and sends an image as an output that is like a zombie, kitties are any other.
ERC 1155 is used as a smart contract that represents multiple tokens. This is specially designed and developed by an Enjin network. This type of ERC creates both fungible and non-fungible tokens and also it reduces the cost of the deployment.
Why Choose Clarisco to Develop this marketplace:
“Clarisco is the monumental Decentralised application development company”.
  • Increased the token utility
  • Trading Strategies
  • Improve the credibility
  • Pre-tested deployment
  • Interoperability
Return On Investment
Return is produced as an investment and it is expressed as a percentage here it is calculated as a net profit divided by your investment, here the ROI is equal to the profit and divided by the cost of the investment. This is the popular profitability metric used to evaluate. Here the investment is divided by the cost of an investment and is measured by a ratio.
Calculation Of an ROI
The currency value of the investment is obtained from the sale of an investment here the ROI is measured as a percentage it allows to measure a variety of types of investment with one another.
The ROI is dependent on the factor such as risk tolerance of the investors it generates a return. This ROI exchange takes less risk, Here the ROI is a quick and easy way to estimate the success of an investment.
Understanding Return On Investment
The ROI is popular because of its versatility and simplicity. This is a rudimentary gauge in investment profitability It is generated on the real estate transaction. Here the calculation is not complicated. It's very easy to interpret in a wide range of applications. Investors should avoid the negative ROI.
Here the investors and businessmen are interested in the development of forming a new ROI called Social Return On Investment. This is also used in stock investment.
Limitation In ROI
The investment and profit are difficult to find, Here the time factor is completely ignored. For example, Alice invested 20000 in the share market in the year 2000 and sold his investment in 2003 for INR 25000 so his ROI 50%, and the Y invested the same amount of the shares of IOB and sold his shares in 2005 for INR 25000. So the ROI of Mr. Y's investment is 50% as well but the time for which Mr. X and Mr. Y are invested. The amount is different. They ripped the profit on investment in just 2 years. We know that time is money. The worth of 50% profit is not the same for both the investors, The profit of Mr. Y is less than the 50% of the profit of Mr. X.
Benefits of ROI
  • It helps to measure the competition of the share market.
  • He saves on time and money.
  • It both helps the Financial professional and also the investors.
  • The ROI is one of the simplest calculations in Financial parts.
Smart Contract
A smart contract is also called a distributed application that is very popular nowadays, it's used as a distributed ledger to store the contract and it's just like a contract in the real world. These are completely digital. The smart contract is immutable once it is created it never is changed and also it is distributed and the output of your contract is validated by everyone. The blockchain stores the data to track the currency without the need for intermediaries.
It allows developers (like you) to build decentralized applications (dapps). These apps are fully defined by a smart contract. Without trusting a third party like notary, bank, and law. It also allows users to exchange their data by trusted and it's conflict-free. The smart contract stored in the ethereum needs to validate the regular transaction.
Uses Of Smart contract
Here the smart contract is used as a simple economic transaction to send money and it can be used in banking, telecommunication, art, mobility, e-government, and many more.
It can be used in the many other forms such as
  • Voting
  • Mortgage
  • Internet of things(IoT)
  • Record Keeping
  • Health System
Our election government has tampered with and rigged smart contracts to make an individual make a voting record.
This smart contract-based mortgage saves both time and money and reduces the need for a third party.
3.Internet of things(IoT)
We built a smart contract for registering the device, data storage, and the proof-of-concept they use the raspberry pi which interacts with the smart contract.
4.Record Keeping
This is working above the voting here the voting is just to keep a simple record but the other type of record-keeping includes secure electronic records, case history, etc.
5.Health System
Here the smart contract can safely transfer the data by using smart contract transfer the patient data securely there is no access of third parties. If the researchers want to see the patient data they must pay to see the patient details and the patient also chooses whether the patient data wants to sell it to them.
This is the language that is used in the smart contract that is just similar to javascript and just designed with the ethereum virtual machine. This is based on the curly bracket language it supports inheritance and it's a user-defined feature.
Digital Marketplace
In this marketplace, a smart contract like the buyers and seller enables the direct exchange without the intermediary or a brokerage and it supports small business rewards. These are special in the interest market such as investors, collectors in the art world. There is no disruption for limited products.
SWAP in Decentralized application and an Exchange
Swap combines with multiple decentralized exchanges it provides a quick and simple wallet-to-wallet trading experience for its clients. Here the users become takers and makers of our wallet. DEX does not deposit its coins on its platform, the funds are under the control of the platform and this is the type of all-in-one platform and it offers from governance, staking, stable coins, lending, and borrowing here this develops personal apps.
This is a derivative contract where the two parties exchange the cash flow with the two different financial instruments. Here the principal does not change the hand. The swap does not trade the exchange and does not generally engage in swaps.
Swap in dAAP Development
Benefits of Swap
Here the swapDex has its native token called SDX that is used for staking and this can earn a passive income. The trading fees of the platform are very low and also it brings goals and the exchanges bring new users.
The users are interested to earn from crypto, losing their money in traders and it simply locks away their coins so it brings additional security to the users in the network and it earns a passive income.
Here the users can lend the money from the house or any other users. There is a great way to increase their wealth and they can also borrow their funds and they repay with some interest.
Many of the aspects are still in development and also it improves their financial position and we provide ethereum blockchain services.
Every crypto user is interested in the development of growing Defi sectors and it represents a new generation of defi exchange where it becomes a leader among DEX. There is a large variety of services such as staking, house loan and more and more.
Interest rate swap
It involves the exchange of a fixed interest rate of a floating interest rate and this is a derivative contract in which it exchanges the future interest payment for another and it is not traded on the public exchange (Over-the-Counter)OTC.
  • Fixed-rate payment
  • Floating rate payment
Currency Swap
This is also known as a cross-currency swap contract which is derivative between two parties involved in the exchange of interest payment.
  • Fixed vs Float
  • Float vs Basis Swap
  • Fixed vs Fixed
Commodity Swap
This is the type of swap that's very important for many commodity-based industries such as livestock and oil. It allows the commodity process and users to unlock their set price.
Credit default Swap
Credit Default Swap(CDS) is a type of credit derivative that provides buyers with protection against default and other risks.
  • Arbitrage
  • Speculation
  • Hedging.