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Build up your email from scratch to make better communication, our campaigns reach your people where they are. And our eazzy global makes your business into a brand. You can easily target your ideal customers.
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Mailing Tool Services

What is Mailing Tool?
The mailing tool is used to create, send, optimize and report on their email campaigns here this tool is an email service provider. These campaigns enable businesses to email, it also creates automated journeys and delivers personalized messages. By using these campaigns we can easily improve a better relationship with customers.
By using eazzy global mailing tools you can easily grow up your business and reach your ideal customers by using email ads.
With just one click you can easily import your mail here the mail verification system is inbuilt and reach your audience through our eazzy global mail. This is the real-time performance and you can see the immediate results.
Here you can track your campaign's statistics and conversion, manage your subscribers, and unsubscribers by using one click. Now you can easily access it by using any type of browser and gadgets it becomes user-friendly.

Create Campaigns

Create, design and deliver the campaigns, analyze your marketing strategy and make it professionally

a. Credit Used
By using eazzy mail you can see the credit used, here the credit used has a sending credit, list, campaigns, and the subscribers also included.
b. Recently sent campaigns
In recently sent campaigns, there are recipients you can see how many emails are sent to the recipients, and also the delivery time is noted.
c. Statistic
Here the statistics of your campaigns are visualized in the table/charts by using this statistic chart you can see your mail list like recipients, delivered, failed, open, click, bounce, report, unsubscribe.
  • Open Rate
  • Click Rate
Open Rate
This open rate is a measure that tells us how many delivered emails are opened by subscribers. Now you can see your successful deliveries of mail, totally open, unique open, and last open.
Click Rate
This measures how many people clicked on one of the links in our email campaigns. Here the click rate has total clicks, total opens, abuse report last clicked.
d. 24 hours performance
We can watch our subscriber activity and measure our campaigns during the last 24 hours. You can easily watch your subscriber where they click and open the links or any other activities.
Create your campaigns and select your campaigns whether it is regular or plain text.
In regular text, it is the most common type the email content that has an image and link.
The plain text content without link tracking, images.
Create your automation, name it your automation it's just used to identify the automation later. Then choose your mail list to associate with your automation.
Edit your mail list, first one is an identity that is used to easily identify you, here there are many options like (name, default from the name, from email, default email subject).
The second option is contact information(company/organization, address1, address2, country, email, state, city, zip/postal code, phone, home page).
By using a template first create a template and enter your template name, here there are a lot of layout options, and select one layout.
You can choose your template by choosing your gallery option and also my template you can sort by custom order, sort, and create at.
Now you can start a design and upload it. You can preview it, change the thumbnail, copy and delete.
Here there are many options like sending domain, sending identity, tracking domains, and blacklist. By using sending identity you can use your email marketing or any email address that matches the domains from the list below as your email address in your campaign setup.